Young Persons Concert Foundation (YPCF) is a unique orchestral music charity which aims to inspire in young people an understanding and love of orchestral music through intensive workshops and live concerts.

Working with local authorities’ music services, schools and other partners, YPCF professional musicians and tutors present workshops and full orchestral performances to young primary school audiences, and in special needs schools or schools where musical activities are limited.

Since it was established in 1982, as the brainchild of the late composer and arranger Geoff Love, YPCF has taken live music to over 750,000 young people throughout the United Kingdom.

“Going to a YPCF session is a totally uplifting experience! Uplifting to hear the musicians play but also to share the sheer joy and sense of wonderment of the children. It’s a salutary reminder of the gift of music and how important we pass that baton on from generation to generation.”
Jonathan Morrish, Director of PR and Corporate Communications, PPL

If your school could benefit from workshops or concerts, or if your organisation would like to be a sponsor of YPCF work in schools please contact special projects coordinator, Sally Needleman.

“The children were enthralled by the musicians, who were skilled at keeping and holding the children’s attention. They provided just the right amount of support for the children to enjoy the concert.”
Gail O’Flaherty, Head of St Edmund’s Primary School

The Foundation Philharmonic Orchestra, which provides the musicians/tutors for our workshops and concerts, has established a broad live music profile within music education and on public concert platforms. Performing a wide-ranging repertoire including excerpts from symphonic music, contemporary orchestral music and film score arrangements.

“It was an absolute pleasure to come along to hear your wonderful musicians. Not only accomplished players but a really engaging presentation for the pupils and most appropriate range of repertoire.”
Jan Wilson, Music Consultant for Westminster Music and Arts