“I was thrilled by the YPCF concert at the Roundhouse Studio Theatre recently. The programme was excellently curated, the performance of a very high standard but most importantly the children that attended really loved it and seemed to get a huge amount from it. The introductions by the conductor and members of the orchestra were a welcome addition, which engaged the children and stimulated an appetite to learn more. I very much hope that we shall see a return of the YPCF to the Roundhouse in the not too distant future.”
Marcus Davey OBE, Chief Executive and Artistic Director, The Roundhouse


“Going to a YPCF session is a totally uplifting experience! Uplifting to hear the musicians play but also to share the sheer joy and sense of wonderment of the children. It’s a salutary reminder of the gift of music and how important we pass that baton on from generation to generation.”
Jonathan Morrish, Director of PR and Corporate Communications, PPL


“YPCF workshops are exactly the sort of partnership we need to support us in offering every child the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.”
Peter West, Head of Camden Music Service


“You cannot believe the joy and excitement of our children and the amount they obviously learned.”
Alison Thomas, Reed First School, Royston


“Year 5 pupils explored rhythms and pulse through percussion instruments, understanding timbre. By the end of the workshop, children were confidently playing accompaniments and enjoying performance”

Cheryl Redmore, Assistant Head, Prince of Wales Primary School, Enfield


“Thank you very much for providing us with such a special day. One I am sure we will all remember for many years to come.”
Rob Parsons, Headteacher of Stanton St Quinton Primary School


“I do hope that Enfield pupils will continue to have the opportunity to benefit from such superb workshops.”
Sue Grainger, Head of Enfield Arts Support Service


“The children were enthralled by the musicians, who were skilled at keeping and holding the children’s attention. They provided just the right amount of support for the children to enjoy the concert.”
Gail O’Flaherty, Head of Enfield Arts Support Service